Labour History Review Volume 86 (2021), Issue 1

Labour History Review Volume 86 (2021), Issue 1 has now been published.

From the Upper Clyde Shipbuilders work-in of 1971, to the Burntisland Fabrications (BiFab) occupation of 2017, there is a long history of workplace occupations. However, despite the prominence and significance of occupation as a tactic, particularly in the 1970s and 1980s, current historical examinations have been fragmented.

This special issue of Labour History Review brings together broader historical overviews of the period and site-specific cases study analyses to move the historiography on from consideration of the dynamics of the actions towards sophisticated analyses of the impact of political change, mobilization theories, deindustrialization contexts, and the legacies and memories of action.

Titled “Workplace Occupations in British Labour History: Exploring the Rise, Fall and Historical Legacies”, the issue is guest edited and introduced by Andy Clark, Research Associate with the Newcastle Oral History Unit and Collective. Read more.

The issue includes the following research articles:

  • After UCS: Workplace Occupation in Britain in the 1970s, by Alan Tuckman More
  • ‘There is Nothing There for Us and Nothing for the Future’: Deindustrialization and Workplace Occupation, 1981-1982, by Andy Clark More
  • Defending the Right to Work: The 1983 Timex Workers’ Occupation in Dundee, by Valerie Wright, Jim Philips and Jim Tomlinson More
  • Job Destruction and Closures in Deindustrializing Britain: The Uses and Decline of Workplace Occupations in the 1980s, by Stephen Mustchin More
  • ‘It’s Not a Lot of Boring Old Gits Sitting About Remembering the Good Old Days’: The History and Legacy of the 1987 Caterpillar Factory Occupation in Uddingston, Scotland, by Ewan Gibbs More

The Book Reviews section includes a response by the authors to the review of Jimmy Reid: A Clyde-Built Man by Roger Seifert in a previous Labour History Review, and reviews by Joan Allen, Mike Sanders, Chris Williams, Katherine Waugh, Neville Kirk, and Miguel Martinez Lucio More

The issue concludes with a tabulated list of workplace occupations in the UK between 1971-2019 brought together by Alan Tuckman. Compiled, in the absence of official data, from newspaper reports and online media archives, and excluding short-lived and “secondary” occupations, the resulting database runs to more than 16 pages, and includes hundreds of occupations.

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Upper Clyde Shipbuilders joint shop stewards committee lead a march out of the shipyard, headed by a piper.
Upper Clyde Shipbuilders joint shop stewards committee headed by a piper lead the way..