Lewis Minkin (1936-2021)

Lewis Minkin, who has died aged 84, wrote three authoritative, even definitive, books on the exercise of power and political influence inside the Labour Party. In researching The Labour Party Conference (1978), The Contentious Alliance (1991), and The Blair Supremacy (2014), Minkin accessed records available to few and clearly spoke to everyone; equally clearly, everyone spoke to him. Taken together, these three monumental works are … Continue reading Lewis Minkin (1936-2021)

Chushichi Tsuzuki (1926-2020)

Chushichi Tsuzuki’s membership of the Society for the Study of Labour History was first recorded in the Bulletin of Spring 1962. He remained a Society member for many years – almost certainly well beyond 2006, when he and I attended our South Bank University conference marking the centenary of the Parliamentary Labour Party’s formation. Chushichi first left Japan in July 1952 as a Fulbright scholar … Continue reading Chushichi Tsuzuki (1926-2020)

Ian MacDougal (1993-2020)

Ian MacDougall had a remarkable impact on labour history with his pioneering interim bibliography of the Scottish working class movement and other labour records held in Scotland of 1965 and his subsequent Catalogue of Labour records in Scotland of 1975. His 1965 work had an impact on discussions within the Executive Committee of the Society for the Study of Labour History. There was no equivalent … Continue reading Ian MacDougal (1993-2020)

Peter Michael Jackson (1928-2020)

Peter Jackson, who died on 19 February in Panama, born on 14 October 1928 in Sheffield, was a member of the Society for the Study of Labour History from 1961 until at least 1968. At the time of joining, Peter was studying at the University of Liverpool in the Department of Social Science, which is where he registered for a PhD, eventually completed as’ Some … Continue reading Peter Michael Jackson (1928-2020)

Malcolm Chase

It is with great sadness that we learn of the passing of Malcolm Chase – the great historian of British radical politics and the labour movement, particularly Chartism. Malcolm was active in SSLH for over forty years, occupying the role of Vice-President for some years. With a prolific career, some 37 years of it spent at the University of Leeds, Malcolm’s best known book, Chartism: A New History (2007) … Continue reading Malcolm Chase

J.F.C. Harrison (1921-2018)

Labour and social historians around the world will be saddened to hear of the death of the renowned J.F.C. Harrison, who has passed away at the age of 96. During his long and distinguished career, John held posts at the University of Leeds, University of Wisconsin and was Professor of Social History at the University of Sussex, where he was based until his retirement. He … Continue reading J.F.C. Harrison (1921-2018)