Stuart Macintyre 1947 – 2021

We are sorry to hear that the eminent Australian socialist and labour historian Stuart Macintyre has died aged 74. Professor Macintyre published extensively on the history of Australia and the Australian Left, and as co-author of The History Wars (2003) provided the leading academic challenge to conservative narratives of the country’s history. For many, however, his greatest work is his account of the emergence of … Continue reading Stuart Macintyre 1947 – 2021

John L Halstead (1936-2021)

John Halstead, who has died aged 85, was among the earliest members of the Society for the Study of Labour History, and over a period of six decades occupied nearly every post within the Society, contributing his time and expertise unstintingly to serve as editor, chair, secretary and latterly vice-president. Born in Huddersfield, and educated at Highburton Church of England elementary school and Penistone Grammar … Continue reading John L Halstead (1936-2021)

Lewis Minkin (1936-2021)

Lewis Minkin, who has died aged 84, wrote three authoritative, even definitive, books on the exercise of power and political influence inside the Labour Party. In researching The Labour Party Conference (1978), The Contentious Alliance (1991), and The Blair Supremacy (2014), Minkin accessed records available to few and clearly spoke to everyone; equally clearly, everyone spoke to him. Taken together, these three monumental works are … Continue reading Lewis Minkin (1936-2021)

Chushichi Tsuzuki (1926-2020)

Chushichi Tsuzuki’s membership of the Society for the Study of Labour History was first recorded in the Bulletin of Spring 1962. He remained a Society member for many years – almost certainly well beyond 2006, when he and I attended our South Bank University conference marking the centenary of the Parliamentary Labour Party’s formation. Chushichi first left Japan in July 1952 as a Fulbright scholar … Continue reading Chushichi Tsuzuki (1926-2020)