Britain and the Russian Revolution, 1917-1928

The Modern Records Centre, University of Warwick, has completed a project to digitise some of its archive holdings on the relationship between Britain and Russia / the Soviet Union in the decade after the Russian Revolution.

The digital collection contains just over 650 documents (with full text transcriptions) – reports, correspondence, photographs, memoranda, ephemera and more – including documents from the archives of the Trades Union Congress and Tom Mann, Britain’s first representative on the Profintern.

The archive’s online resources also include 14 case studies (or ‘selected sources by theme’) which group together material on subjects such as the February Revolution, the Russian Civil War, the Polish-Soviet war, the famine, the ‘Zinoviev letter’ and 1924 general election, political opposition in Russia, British visitors / delegations, economy and trade, trade union relations, diplomatic relations and the 1927 ARCOS raid.

The archive can be accessed at the University of Warwick website.