Studies in Labour History (Liverpool University Press)

Studies in Labour History provides reassessments of broad themes along with more detailed studies arising from the latest research in the field of labour and working-class history, both in Britain and throughout the world. Most books are single-authored but there are also volumes of essays focussed on key themes and issues, usually emerging from major conferences organized by the Society for the Study of Labour History.

The series includes studies of labour organizations, including international ones, where there is a need for new research or modern reassessment. It is also its objective to extend the breadth of labour history’s gaze beyond conventionally organized workers, sometimes to workplace experiences in general, sometimes to industrial relations, but also to working-class lives beyond the immediate realm of work in households and communities.

…a series which will undoubtedly become an important force in re-invigorating the study of Labour History.’ English Historical Review

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Books in the Studies in Labour History series

Fighting Deindustrialisationcoming October 2022
Scottish Women’s Factory Occupations, 1981-1982
Clark, Andy
Studies in Labour History, 19

Maritime Men of the Asia-PacificComing October 2022
True-blue Internationals Navigating Labour Rights 1906-2006
Kirkby, Diane | Monk, Lee-Ann | Ostapenko, Dmytro
Studies in Labour History, 18

The Global Challenge of Peace
1919 as a Contested Threshold to a New World Order
Perry, Matt
Studies in Labour History, 17

Transatlantic Radicalism
Socialist and Anarchist Exchanges in the 19th and 20th Centuries
Jacob, Frank | Keßler, Mario
Studies in Labour History, 16

Workers of the Empire, Unite
Radical and Popular Challenges to British Imperialism, 1910s to 1960s
Béliard, Yann | Kirk, Professor Neville
Studies in Labour History, 15

Front cover: In the footsteps of Flora Tristan

In the Footsteps of Flora Tristan
A Political Biography
Cross, Máire Fedelma
Studies in Labour History, 14

Book cover: Fellow travellers

Fellow Travellers
Communist Trade Unionism and Industrial Relations on the French Railways, 1914-1939
Beaumont, Thomas
Studies in Labour History, 13

Soldiers as Citizens
Popular Politics and the Nineteenth-Century British Military
Mansfield, Nick
Studies in Labour History, 12

Socialism and the Diasporic ‘Other’
A comparative study of Irish Catholic and Jewish radical and communal politics in East London, 1889-1912
Renshaw, Daniel
Studies in Labour History, 11

Harold Wilson, Denmark and the making of Labour European policy
Broad, Matthew
Studies in Labour History, 10

For Class and Country
The Patriotic Left and the First World War
Swift, David
Studies in Labour History, 9

Transnational Radicalism and the Connected Lives of Tom Mann and Robert Samuel Ross
Kirk, Professor Neville
Studies in Labour History, 8

Knights Across the Atlantic
The Knights of Labor in Britain and Ireland
Parfitt, Steven
Studies in Labour History, 7

Worker Voice
Employee Representation in the Workplace in Australia, Canada, Germany, the UK and the US 1914-1939
Patmore, Greg
Studies in Labour History, 5

Soldiers as Workers
Class, employment, conflict and the nineteenth-century military
Mansfield, Nick
Studies in Labour History, 6

The Winter of Discontent
Myth, Memory, and History
Martin López, Tara Rowbotham, Sheila
Studies in Labour History, 4

Labour and the Caucus
Working-Class Radicalism and Organised Liberalism in England, 1868–1888
Owen, James
Studies in Labour History, 3

The Knights Errant of Anarchy
London and the Italian Anarchist Diaspora (1880–1917)
Di Paola, Pietro
Studies in Labour History, 2

The French Anarchists in London, 1880–1914
Exile and Transnationalism in the First Globalisation
Bantman, Constance
Studies in Labour History, 1