Labour History Review Volume 87 (2022), Issue 2

Labour History Review Volume 87 (2022), Issue 2 has now been published.

Contemporary images of the 1926 General Strike often show smiling volunteers good-naturedly going about the business of keeping the country running. In this issue of Labour History Review, Liam Ryan explores the involvement of often middle-class strike breakers in the period 1911-1926 and lifts the lid on the unexplored darker and often violent side of the volunteer world view.

In this issue:

  • Liam Ryan on Citizen strike breakers: volunteers, strikes and the state in Britain, 1911-1926; More
  • Kevin Morgan on Bolshevization, Stalinization, and Party Ritual: The Congresses of the Communist Party of Great Britain, 1920-1943; More
  • Linda Arch on ‘The Bricks and Mortar of All Policy Areas Which Concern Government’: Statistics and the Labour Force Survey at its UK Origins. More

The issue includes book reviews by Peter Gurney, Quentin Outram, Diane Hoyles, Steven Fielding and Arturo Zoffmann Rodriguez. Go direct to Book Reviews in Labour History Review 87(2022):2 on the Liverpool University Press website.