Labour History Review Volume 86 (2021), Issue 3

Labour History Review Volume 86 (2021), Issue 3 has now been published.

This special themed issue of Labour History Review on ‘Challenges to State Socialism in Central and Eastern Europe: Activists, Movements and Alliances in the 1970s and 1980s’ is edited by Daniel Laqua and Charlotte Alston.

In this issue:

The issue includes book reviews by Steve Tombs, Josh Gibson, Paul Pickering, Keith Laybourn, Jessica Thorne, James Jaffe, Francis Devine and Dave Lyddon.

It concludes with an invitation to submit articles for the LHR Essay Prize 2022.

Go direct to Labour History Review 86(2021):3 on the Liverpool University Press website.

Image of text making clear that this article is part of a themed special issue on challenges to state socialism in eastern and central europe