Essays on Bryan D Palmer, Marxism, and History

Dissenting Traditions: Essays on Bryan D Palmer, Marxism, and History
Edited by Sean Carleton, Ted McCoy & Julia Smith, Edmonton: Athabasca University Press, 2021, pp.360, p/b, $37.99, ISBN 9781771993111

Bryan D. Palmer is best known in the UK for his writing on E.P. Thompson. But this makes up just a small part of the literary output of a highly respected if unashamedly controversial historian whose intellectual origins lie in Marxist, and specifically Trotskyist, ideas. Dissenting Traditions traces Palmer’s involvement over many years in debates that have reshaped the historiography of labour, communism, and the left in his native Canada. It includes contributions by his contemporaries, his critics, and some of the students he has mentored. The essays are organised roughly along the trajectory of Palmer’s research interests: from his labour history of the mid-1970s to his most recent publications on poverty and communist politics in the late 2010s.
The book is available on open access at Athabasca University Press.