Looking for records on Egerton Wake

I am currently researching a PhD at St Andrews University on the demise of the Liberal Party in Scotland in the 1920s. Egerton Wake played a very active role in building up the Labour Party in Scotland, first as the party’s Organising Secretary, active in Scotland, and latterly as Labour’s National Agent. He was prominent in the Union of Democratic Control during the First World War, and may have persuaded some Liberals such as Arthur Ponsonby MP to join the Labour Party. Any information on correspondence/records to illustrate any of his activities in Scotland during the 1914-29 period would be much appreciated. I know there is some correspondence in the Labour History Archive and Study Centre (People’s History Museum) in Manchester and I will be in touch with them.

David Raw

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One thought on “Looking for records on Egerton Wake

  1. We posted this query to our Twitter account and almost immediately elicited several interesting responses. David Hughes (@parkiebath) said Egerton Wake’s activities had been reported extensively in newspapers at the time. Professor Keith Gildart (@ProfGildart), the editor or the Dictionary of Labour Biography, said he seemed to recall a DLB file on him that could be in the Hull University Archives, adding: “There is a short biography of Egerton Wake in Herbert Tracey’s ‘The British Labour Party Volume 3’ (1948) pp. 307-309. He was a pacifist ILPer and later National Agent of LP.” Daryl (@docleeworthy), historian of the modern Labour Party, said: “He also has files in Moscow!” Finally, researcher, writer and consultant Michael Ward (@michalward954) offered: “ Some interesting references in Beatrice Webb’s Diary – eg 01,07.1920; 16.07.1921; 16.10.1921; 11.04.1923;12.10.1926. LSE archives have some ILP admin records on microfilm. People’s History Museum archive have Jim MIddleton’s weekly letters home to his parents.”

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