Labour History Review Volume 85 (2020), Issue 3

Labour History Review Volume 85 (2020), Issue 3 has now been published.

This issue begins with a series of appreciations for the life of Malcolm Chase, who died in March 2020 aged just 63. Malcolm was professor of history at the University of Leeds, and a vice-president of the Society for the Study of Labour History. Though best known for his book Chartism: A New History (2009), he wrote extensively on radicalism in the nineteenth century, especially on agrarian radicalism and trade unionism in the pre-Chartist era.

LHR includes appreciations by Jamie Bronstein, John Belchem, Katrina Navickas and Tom Scriven. Read more.

The issue includes the following research articles:

  • Building the ‘House of Industry’: Factory Citizenship and Gendered Spaces at Cadbury’s and Rowntree’s, by Timo Luks More
  • 2019 Labour History Review Essay Prize Winner: Navigating Deindustrialization in 1970s Britain: The Closure of Bilston Steel Works and the Politics of Work, Place, and Belonging1, by Matt Beebee More
  • A Place in History? The 2018 Marx Bicentennial in Germany, by Detlev Mares More

It concludes with book reviews by Quentin Outram, Joe Redmayne, Stephen Hopkins, Miguel Martinez Lucio and Laura Ramsay. More