Additions to labour history archive collections 2019

The PDF document below includes an overview of new collections which were reported by archives to the Society for the Study of Labour History’s Archive and Resources sub-committee (SSLH-ARC) and which may be of interest to labour historians.

New acquisitions 2019 (PDF format).

Among the numerous collections noted by the SSLH-ARC are:

  • Papers of the Scottish Committees of the Communist Party of Great Britain and the Communist Party of Britain, and papers of related campaign groups – now in the National Library of Scotland;
  • 53 large boxes of the National Assembly for Wales archive from 1999-2011 – now in Llyfrgell Genedlaethol Cymru / The National Library of Wales;
  • A collection of Welsh political badges – also in Llyfrgell Genedlaethol Cymru / The National Library of Wales;
  • Publications from 48 unions affiliated to the TUC, including annual reports, conference reports, periodicals, policy documents and campaigns literature from 2019 – now in the TUC Library; and
  • Miscellaneous papers on the Socialist Party of Great Britain from the period 1949-2007 – now in the Working Class Movement Library.

Where possible the document includes links to the catalogue URL at the relevant archive.