Malcolm Chase (1957-2020)

Malcolm Chase, who has died aged 63, will be best remembered as the leading historian of Chartism. More than this, he was the foremost historian of all kinds of popular radicalism and labour movement activity in late-eighteenth and early nineteenth-century Britain, rescuing the reputation of agrarian radicalism and charting the development of early trade unionism as far back as the seventeenth century, a period into … Continue reading Malcolm Chase (1957-2020)

Essays on Chartism in Huddersfield

The Charter, Our Right! Huddersfield Chartism Re-consideredEdited by John A. Hargreaves, featuring essays by Alan Brooke, Matthew Roberts, Malcolm Chase and John Halstead.Published by the Huddersfield Local History Society. “The Huddersfield district lay at the centre of many of the social and political protest and reform movements of the first half of the nineteenth century – Luddism, the war of the unstamped press, the ten-hours … Continue reading Essays on Chartism in Huddersfield

175 years of the People’s Charter

At the time of writing, seventy-five MPs have signed an Early Day Motion proposing that the House of Commons celebrates the 175th anniversary of the launch of the People’s Charter in 1838. Signatories include MPs from the Conservative, Democratic Unionist, Labour, Liberal Democrat, Plaid Cymru, Scottish Nationalist, and Social Democratic and Labour parties. The motion, whose primary sponsor is Dr Hywel Francis (MP for Aberavon), … Continue reading 175 years of the People’s Charter