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Based in St Ann’s, Nottingham, we focus on the history of anarchist groups and individuals in the UK and beyond, as well as on the history of other social movements, protests and radicalism in Nottingham & Notts and the wider regions of the East Midlands & South Yorkshire.

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Brief History
Established in 2008 by a small collective including members of the Anarchist Federation, we have since been building up our collections and making them accessible to interested audiences. We have been a not-for-profit company since 2017 and continue to be funded by generous donations.

We are looking after several tens of thousands of items, mostly published and unpublished documents, but also assorted ephemera, including badges, stickers, tee shirts and banners.

To enable more persons to access our collections, we have been systematically digitising materials, creating an extensive Digital Library of bulletins, magazines, journals, zines, posters, leaflets and much more, which can be accessed free of charge.

Materials have been made available to us by many individuals and groups, including the Anarchist Federation and the Solidarity Federation (the SF’s archive also includes extensive materials regarding earlier syndicalist groups such as DAM and the SWF).

We hold extensive collections of Freedom, Anarchy (First and Second Series), Black Flag, Direct Action and hundreds of other titles.

Thousands of pamphlets, punk zines, leaflets, posters, as well as numerous books on Anarchism, history, philosophy, economics and much more are available to be explored.

Local materials include documents from various campaigns such as the fight against the Poll Tax, the local anti-militarist/peace movement, workplace struggles, community campaigns, as well as many rare titles, including Grass Roots/Nottingham Voice, Nottingham Women’s Diary, Gay Nottingham, Outright, Diversion, Virus, Nottingham Anarchist News, Flux and many, many more.

Our collections enable visitors to explore many decades worth of materials documenting Class Struggle, Feminism, LGBTQ+ liberation, Anti-Fascism, Environmentalism, Animal Rights and much more.

Always keep in mind that materials continue to be donated faster than we can process them, so if you cannot find something on the catalogue, please do not hesitate to contact us. And please note that we are always happy to be visitor led in our digitisation efforts, so please get in touch if you see something on the catalogue you would like to be digitised.

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Wednesday 11am-2pm or by appointment.