From the seafarers of the Asia-Pacific to Scottish factory work-ins: books for 2022

Two new books are being added to the SSLH Studies in Labour History series this autumn. Published in association with Liverpool University Press, this series now runs to nineteen books.

Maritime workers occupy a central place in global labour history, and in Maritime Men of the Asia-Pacific: True-blue Internationals Navigating Labour Rights 1906-2006, authors Diane Kirkby, Lee-Ann Monk and Dmytro Ostapenko show how seafaring and waterside unions have engaged in a shared history of activism for legally regulated wages and safe liveable conditions for all who go to sea. Find out more.

In Fighting Deindustrialisation: Scottish Women’s Factory Occupations, 1981-1982, Andy Clark outlines and examines one of the most significant and under-researched periods in modern Scottish labour history when, over a fourteen month period workforces at Lee Jeans (Greenock), Lovable Bra (Cumbernauld) and Plessey Capacitors (Bathgate) refused to accept the loss of their jobs. Find out more.

Both books will be published in October 2022.

Find out more about the Studies in Labour History book series and see the full list of books.