Nineteenth century misfits: Nick Mansfield inaugural professorial lecture

Labour historian and former People’s History Museum director Nick Mansfield is to deliver his inaugural professorial lecture at the University of Central Lancashire on “Nineteenth century misfits: celebration, insurrection and ‘back to the land’. A lecture for Mental Health Awareness Week, 2021.”

Professor Nick Mansfield

Professor Mansfield has researched 19th and 20th century working class history since the 1970s, and has written extensively on artisans, farmworkers, patriotic labour in the Great War and post-1918 political allegiances, including ex-servicemen, war memorials and working-class conservatism.

He is the author of a two-volume labour history of rank and file British army soldiers in the SSLH Studies in Labour History book series: Soldiers as Workers and Soldiers as Citizens.

Professor Mansfield’s inaugural professorial lecture presents four disparate characters, who have featured in his books, each of whom struggled to make sense of the society in which they lived. They comprise a schoolboy artist obsessed with ebullient tradesmen’s festivities, a plausible fantasist who promoted a people’s pike warfare as a solution to opposition to parliamentary reform, and an unstable Chartist leader whose grand scheme for self-sufficiency bankrupted a national movement. The lecture finishes with a working class First World War air ace who advocated socialism throughout his short and tragic life.

The lecture will take place remotely via Microsoft Teams at 12pm on Wednesday 26 May. If you would like to attend this lecture you can book a place via Eventbrite.

Further information on Professor Mansfield’s research can be found here.