Mapping the 1926 General Strike

Staff at the Modern Records Centre, University of Warwick, have digitised more than 450 documents on Britain’s only General Strike of May 1926. The digitised documents include internal reports from the Trades Union Congress (the strike’s co-ordinator), bulletins issued by newspapers and strike committees, and the TUC’s transcripts of BBC radio broadcasts.

As well as presenting the sources as a database of digitised documents, the team has been able to highlight documents which relate to the conduct of the strike in particular towns and cities using an interactive map of Britain. The map overlays Google Maps with 1920s-1940s Ordnance Survey maps made available by the National Library of Scotland. Digitised documents which contain entries on particular locations are linked to from pins on the OS map.

Additional contextual material on the website includes ‘The General Strike day-by-day’, a summary of key events before, during and after the dispute.