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Research Bursary

The Society for the Study of Labour History offers bursaries for up to £500 for PhD students, post-graduate researchers (MA and doctoral) and independent scholars engaged in postgraduate-level research in the field of labour history to fund essential archive or library research that they are unable to undertake due to absence of funds. This replaces the E. P. Thompson Memorial Bursary that was only available for consulting the archives at the Modern Records Centre, University of Warwick.

We take a broad view of ‘labour history’ that includes cultural and social aspects as well as political and institutional ones. We would, in particular, welcome applications from female researchers. Mature and part-time PhD students will be eligible as well as full-time students.

Past Bursary recipients

Ann-Marie Foster
Ann-Marie’s report (Northumbria University) on a recent visit to the Welsh National Mining Memorial, Sengheyndd can be read here. Annie-Marie is researching the role of ephemera in processes of remembrance from 1899-1939, covering both war and disaster.

Lara Green
Lara Green’s report (Northumbria University) on a visit to The Hoover Institution Archives, November 2016 can be read here.

Amy Cross
Amy Cross recently visited the Bodleian Library, Oxford, to undertake research into the political response towards Commonwealth immigration to Britain. A full report can be downloaded here.

David Strittmatter
David Strittmatter PhD candidate at the University of Buffalo visited several archives in Manchester to further his research into the Peterloo Massacre. You can read his full report full report here..

Sophie Roberts
Sophie Roberts visited the Hull History Centre to consult the archives of a number of British female anti-Vietnam War protesters in the period roughly from 1965-74. You can read her full report here.

Ben Partridge
Ben Partridge visited Paris to undertake archival research for his PhD which compares strike photography of 1936 with 1968. You can read the full report here.

Mike Mecham
Mike Mecham is a Visiting Lecturer in Labour History and PhD Candidate St Mary’s University, Twickenham. His research centres on the Belfast born Irish labour leader William Walker (1870-1918). A bursary from the SSLH allowed Mike to undertake research in Belfast. Read a report on Mike’s trip to Belfast here.

Carin Peller Semmens
Carin Peller Semmens (Ph.D candidate at the University of Sussex) has just returned from a trip to the Hill Memorial Library, Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

She is researching the ideological, political, economic and behavioral legacies of slavery in North Louisiana’s Red River region 1820-1880. Read a report on Carin’s trip here>>.

Christophe Landry
Christophe Landry PhD candidate in American History at the University of Sussex recently received an award from the Society for a research trip to South Louisana. Read his report here>>.

Andre Keil
Andre Keil (PhD student at Northumbria University, Newcastle) recently returned from a trip to the Hull History Centre. Read his report here>>.

Marc Collinson
Marc Collinson (University of Bangor) received an award from the SSLH to fund research into the Labour Party and race relations. His report describes his PhD research and a recent trip to the Labour History Archive and Study Centre, at the People’s History Museum in Manchester.

Joseph Cozens (University of Essex) received an award to fund research into Civil-Military Relations and Popular Protests in England, 1790-1805. Read his research report here.

Ben Partridge visited Paris to undertake archival research for his PhD which compares strike photography of 1936 with 1968. You can read his research report here.


Applicants should cost their necessary expenses, such as travel, accommodation, subsistence, photocopying. Please note, successful applicants cannot apply for further funding within 3 years.

Student applicants will need to give a tutor who can be contacted for a reference. Independent scholars will need to supply a referee who is able to comment on their research credentials.

Further information can be found in the application form.

All applications will be treated in strict confidence. The only published details will be the name of the recipient, the topic of research and the archives or libraries used, and a 500¬750 word report. The amounts granted to individuals will not be made public.