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SSLH Executive Committee elections

Elections for positions on the executive body of the SSLH will be held in November 2017. All full members of the SSLH are encouraged to stand for the EC. Current post holders and their EC positions can be found below. Terms of office are for two years. Current members of the EC should indicate their willingness to stand for the EC from November 2015 for two years, with a proposer and a seconder. Other SSLH members are also welcome to apply having secured a proposer and a seconder. Nominations should be sent to k.laybourn@hud.ac.uk by the 31st July 2017. Any questions please contact k.laybourn@hud.ac.uk

SSLH Executive members 2015-17
*Post `Name *
Chair John Belchem
Vice Chair Neville Kirk
Treasurer David Lyddon
Assistant Treasurer Quentin Outram
Secretary Keith Laybourn
Assistant Secretary Janette Martin
Conference Secretary Charlotte Alston
International Secretary Daniel Laqua
Membership Secretary Neil Pye

Up to 7 EC Members

Michael Sanders
Jim Phillips
Mike Savage
Brian Marron
Stefan Dickers
Sam Hyde
Nicole Robertson

Co-opted Members of EC
Joan Allen
Maria Castrillo

Editors who are appointed by the EC
Paul Corthern
Peter Gurney

Neil Pye Editor of Book Reviews
Quentin Outram Editor of Book Reviews

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