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Chartism newsletter #18

Chartism Newsletter #18 (May 2017)
2. Chartist Ancestors – hacked but recovering fast
3. Stroud Radical History
4. Publications on Chartism, 2016 CHARTIST NEWSLETTER 18 May 2017

Venue: Mill End Sports and Social Club, near Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire, WD3 8QN
Join us for this free event, a day of talks and discussion about the Chartists, with lunch, followed by a tour of O’Connorville (Heronsgate) and an evening social at the Land of Liberty, Peace and Plenty pub in Heronsgate. ALL WELCOME.
9.30-10.00 Registration

10.00–10.10 Introduction and Welcome (Katrina Navickas, University of Hertfordshire).

10.10–10.50 Robert Poole, ‘The 1817 Petitioning Campaign’

11.10–11.50 Les James, ‘Newport Discoveries in Home Office Papers’

11.50–12.30 David Steele, ‘Biscuits, Spirits and Salt-Pork: Provisioning the Troops at the Kennington Common Chartist Demonstration, 1848’


1.30–2.10 Ian Haywood, ‘‘Picturing Chartism: News from the Front Line’

2.10–2.50 Malcolm Chase, ‘Chartism and the Land Plan’


3.10–3.40 Katrina Navickas, ‘Mapping the Manchester Land Plan

3.40 Concluding Remarks

4.00-5.30 Tour of Heronsgate. You are welcome to join for all or part of the walk, or drive through the village and meet us at the other end if you are unable to walk the whole way.

Further details and booking form go to http://www.herts.ac.uk/regional-history/chartism-day-2017

2] Chartist Ancestors Website – hacked but recovering fast
As many readers will have realised, the Chartist Ancestors website was hacked earlier this year and its research material replaced with spam. As a result it has now moved to a new web address:
Mark Crail who runs the site in his spare time is patiently rebuilding the site and hopes to have the full database, detailing circa 10,000 Chartists from across Chartist Ancestors’ many pages in downloadable form soon.
But in the meanwhile new material is being added, for example a fascinating life of Henry Clubb. In his youth Clubb was the secretary of the Colchester branch of the National Charter Association. Mark has compiled a record of Clubb’s vegetarianism, pacifism, promotion of utopian settlements and of shorthand (a forgotten radical cause) and membership of the Michigan State senate. When Henry died, aged 94, in 1921 and was probably the last surviving Chartist. See

3] Stroud Radical History
An impressive web presence within which there’s considerable amount of Chartist-related material. See for example http://radicalstroud.co.uk/laceys-of-wotton-under-edge-and-chartism/

4] Publications on Chartism, 2016 – addenda
This list is still likely to be incomplete. Please send any further items to Malcolm Chase (m.s.chase@leeds.ac.uk).

R.G. Hall, ‘At the dawn of the information age: reading and the working classes in Ashton-under-Lyne, 1830-1850’, in J.J. Connolly et al, Print Culture Histories beyond the Metropolis (Toronto, 2016)
Mike Sanders, ‘The platform and the stage: the primary aesthetics of Chartism’, in P. Yeandle, K. Newey and J. Richards (eds), Politics, performance and popular culture: theatre and society in nineteenth-century Britain (Manchester UP, 2016)

This is an occasional newsletter. It is not intended to replace the several excellent websites devoted to Chartism, but simply to circulate quickly news and details of events that may be of interest. Feel free to send items ( m.s.chase@leeds.ac.uk ) and, equally, to pass this on to anyone who may be interested. If you do not wish to receive future issues please email ‘Unsubscribe Newsletter’.

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