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Dare Devil Rides To Jarama

Dare Devil Rides To Jarama

Dare Devil Rides To Jarama a new play by Neil Gore was commissioned by the International Brigades Memorial Trust (I.M.B.T.) to commemorate the memories of the men and women from the Manchester area who went to Spain to fight against Franco and the fascist movement which was threatening to overthrow the country.

It tells the story of Clem ‘Dare Devil’ Beckett, a young man from Oldham, who started riding bikes at a young age and became one of the early dirt track and speedway riders in the late nineteen twenties. But the young Clem was a keen advocate of worker’s rights and wrote for the Daily Worker and became a member of the young Communist group. After a few years of racing and various other motorcycle based jobs, his commitment to the cause saw him lead a convoy of ambulances to Spain to aid the fight against the fascist movement, staying to fight and ultimately losing his life on the first day of the Battle of Jarama, just outside Madrid.

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