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John Fielden and William Fitton Letter

This letter was exchanged between Radical reformers John Fielden and William Fitton in 1836.

Fielden was involved in Reform Bill agitation in Manchester in the 1830s. Fitton, surgeon, was indicted for seditious activity in 1819.

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Photograph of 1934 Manchester wiredrawers' strike

This photo dates from 1934, during the nine-month strike by 650 workers at the firm of Richard Johnson & Nephew Ltd., Wiredrawers, of Forge Lane, Bradford, Manchester.

Strike leaders Alf Bywater and Bill Dunn are shown addressing the workers.

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Delegate's card

In 1896 the Socialist International met in London. In charge of printing and publicity was H.A. Barker, who had formed an early Socialist organisation, the Labour Union. Barker wrote to Walter Crane, the Socialist artist to design the delegates’ admission card, ‘knowing that our cause is your cause, we feel certain that if time permits, you will once more lend the heavy gift of your unrivalled art to the world’s toilers.’

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Notice of the founding of New Harmony, Indiana, 1825

Notice of the founding of New Harmony, Indiana, in 1825 inviting families to apply to live there. The notice details the trades and skills that will be needed there to make the community successful. The New Harmony venture only lasted three years. The community suffered from overcrowding and not having the appropriate skills to farm the land. In 1828 Owen handed the estate over to his sons and returned to Britain.

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Conscientous Objectors

A Gaol Bird’s Lay is just one of many pamphlets held at the Working Class Movement Library, Salford, which shed light on the plight of conscientious objector in the First World War.

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The Miners' Lockout

Scottish Miners Strike 17 June 1926

This image comes from a recent addition to Bishopsgate Institute Archive: a photo album bearing the inscription ‘Memories of the Miners Lock-out 1926 Fife’. The Miners’ Lockout was part of the General Strike of 1926, called by the General Council of the TUC (Trades Union Congress) in an attempt to prevent the Government of the day from lowering the wages and making conditions worse for some 800,000 coal miners nationwide.

The album contains 35 photographs in all, some with annotations describing who and what is pictured.

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North Yorkshire 'Radical Reformers'

This image reproduces a letter from a group of North Yorkshire ‘Radical Reformers’ to a Mrs Lawrence of Studley Hall , c. 1817.

A keen eye will discern a very definite threat, mainly that the Hall and Fountains Abbey would be blown up unless Mrs Lawrence gave the out-of-work men £100 in alms!

Part of the Ripon Corporation collection at North Yorkshire County Record Office, Northallerton (accession no. DC/RIC II 9/1/54).

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William Pare's Scrapbook

Scrapbook of William Pare (1804-1873) one of the founders of the first Birmingham Cooperative Society.

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