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Gender, Labour and Consumption in Historical Perspective

13 September 2019

Gender, Labour and Consumption in Historical Perspective

Over the past four decades or so, gender scholarship has transformed our understanding of many key issues of historical concern. Particularly fruitful have been explorations of consumption in its varied manifestations, undertaken by researchers studying the subject within different disciplines. Labour historians have been slow to address these important developments, though there are signs that the situation is now slowly changing. This major international conference hosted by the Department of History at the University of Essex on 13/14 September 2019 aims to begin a conversation between these approaches, in the belief that there are fruitful overlaps of interest between them and that they can learn from each other in productive ways.

Organisers: Professor Peter Gurney and Dr. Vicki Howard, Department of History, University of Essex

Featuring keynote lectures by Professor Erika Rappaport (University of Santa Barbara) and Professor Pamela Cox (University of Essex).

TO REGISTER: Contact Professor Peter Gurney: https://www.essex.ac.uk/people/gurne70903/peter-gurney

Conference programme now available here

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Studies in Labour History book series

Labour and the Caucus from the Studies in Labour History series

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