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Wars of Position: Marxism and Civil Society

8 June 2017

Wars of Position: Marxism and Civil Society

International Conference, Manchester, UK,
8-10 June 2017

Key-note speakers
Jodi Dean, Professor of Political Science, Hobart and William Smith Colleges, New York. Author of books including Crowds and Party (2016), The Communist Horizon (2011), Democracy and other Neoliberal Fantasies (2009)
Stathis Kouvelakis, Reader in Political Theory, King’s College, London and former member of Syriza’s Central Committee. Author of Philosophy and Revolution: From Kant to Marx (2003)
Kevin Morgan, Professor of Politics and Contemporary History, University of Manchester. Author of books including Bolshevism, Syndicalism and the General Strike: The Lost Internationalist World of A.A. Purcell (2013), Labour Legends and Russian Gold (2006), The Webbs and Soviet Communism (2006)

For further information contact Dr Ben Harker at the University of Manchester:ben.harker@manchester.ac.uk

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Studies in Labour History book series

Labour and the Caucus from the Studies in Labour History series

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